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Freshly Baked Muffins


Locally Roasted

Hi-Fi Coffee Bar was founded and specifically created in the simple belief that local is better!  We understand how critically important it is as a locally owned small business to support as many local vendors as possible.  We source all of our coffees from independent roasters along the Grandstrand and Carolina coast.  This ensures your coffee will be as fresh as possible, every cup, every day...that's High Fidelity Flavor!  


We guarantee your passion for a great cup of coffee is shared by a community of people who are equally as passionate about serving you that unique brew. You'll find that same freakish focus to detail in everything we do at Hi-Fi. We believe this over-the-top love for what we do guarantees you'll have the most creative, eclectic and memorable coffee house experience possible...right here in the heart of Myrtle Beach!

Fresh Baked
Treats &
Ice Cream


Nothing goes better with amazing drinks than fresh baked treats!  That same love and passion we have for serving you the finest and most unique coffee & espresso offerings is clearly tasted in our bakery selections as well.  Our home-town bakeries are the stars of this show!  All of our baked goods are delivered to our door in the early morning hours having been baked just hours wrapped, frozen national-chain muffins here!

What goes better with baked treats than Ice Cream? Well...nothing quite honestly!  That's why we not only offer soft serve ice cream but we only serve the creamiest ice cream locally available...not recommended for calorie counters!

& Iced Coffees 

cool off.

Yes, they are as delicious and refreshing as they look. Fresh ingredients, amazing recipes and skilled drink've got a tuff decision!

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